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The Equipment

What do we have

The Mics

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Over the years, Twangwolf has collected a lot of special vintage equipment, including some classics and obscure specimen. There is a rich collection of distinctive microphones available in the studio, from top brands such as Neumann, Gefell and Beyer. 


We are in possession of a 24-track 2-inch Telefunken, one of the best sounding analog recorders ever built. Everything comes in on an MCI mixing desk, a real American classic.


Reverbs & Effects

We also have the extremely rare, original plate reverb and tape echo.


At Twangwolf you can be inspired by a multitude of special, top quality instruments. There is an impressive sounding Blüthner grand piano from 1920 as well as an original Hammond with tubes Leslie and a Fender Rhodes. The studio offers an extensive selection of guitars, including a 1967 Gretsch and a number of 1970s Japanese guitars. Combinations are possible with a number of special amplifiers, including a 1954 Gibson and a modified Carlsbro plexi. For drummers, a classic, three-piece Premier drum kit from the 60s is included.

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