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The Full Story

During corona times we started realizing our dream; a recording studio in a beautiful church building. Made for musicians with a penchant for old-school recording and an analog sound. What brings us together in this project is our love for the style and quality of a bygone era. We want our facility to be more than just a recording studio, but an experience that intrigues and inspires you. Twangwolf is the place where old & new come toghether. Whether you want to record onto analog tape only or implement it into a digital workflow, everything is possible at Twangwolf. 

Hans Hannemann

Over the years he has developed into an experienced recording engineer and producer. His recording style is characterized by a "get it right at the source" mentality. He is an absolute mic freak and combined with his minimalist approach he will assure that your recordings sound finished and musical. 

Sabine van Enckevort

She runs the business with her own unique vision, which includes that the church is a place where people are taken into an atmospheric, unique, musical space. Whenever you want to book a session, want to explore the various options we offer (sleep-in and/or food arrangements) she is the one to go to.

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